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Welcome to Enrichment is Needed, a Let's Build a Zoo fansite! Let's Build a Zoo is a cozy zoo management tycoon game in the style of Zoo Tycoon, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Planet Zoo, and more. Unlike recent zoo management games, Let's Build a Zoo is more relaxed without disasters, and instead introduces a morality system to add intrigue and replayability. It creates a fun, light hearted experience, perfect for playing after a long day.

Enrichment is Needed is part of the Tiny Diorama network. Enjoy your stay and free to drop a note in the guestbook!

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It's time to Build a Zoo! Construct and decorate enclosures, buy and breed animals, hire zookeepers and vets... then try your hand at DNA splicing, and stitch together over 500,000 different types of animal. This can only go smoothly...

Import and breed rare creatures, hire the right staff, keep your visitors happy, and deal with plenty of weird and wonderful events. Then try your hand at DNA Splicing, and stitch together over 500,000 different types of animal, ranging from the majestic Giraffephant to the peaceful PandOwl!

Let's Build a Zoo lets you import a variety of animals from other Zoos around the world! Breed your animals and start families to expand your wildlife and fill your enclosures. But if that doesn't suit you... you could just create animals instead! With DNA splicing at your finger tips, you have the power to bind together over 500,000 different types of animal, creating monstrosities and oddities as you go! Ever wondered what a ChicKaka would look like? Now you can find out!