22 Nov 20: new phone bgs and pixel art, and a new recipe section!

22 Nov 1: already november! made a bunch of very small updates all around, including the log

22 Oct 25: added some new book reviews and a sailor moon mp3 in the collection

22 Oct 20: updated log and links

22 Oct 17: added lisa frank stickers to the collection, new site in the network

22 Oct 16: added a couple new photos

22 Oct 12: added pixel art gallery in the art section

22 Oct 11: updated the log, and finished adding my stamp collection

22 Oct 7: started adding my collection of (real) stamps

22 Oct 6: all the pages except projects are up!

22 Oct 5: updated log, games, photos, book reviews, and fun links

22 Oct 4: added site layout