tiny diorama log


All the recent news about Twitter has gotten so crazy. If you managed to somehow find this website (not that I'm hard to find) - congrats to you and welcome! Hopefully nothing here is too weird for you. It's all just further emphasis that building and maintaining a personal website is more important than ever, at least to have a record of one's work and a collection of one's own, with no interference from social media or algorithms.

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving to anyone who celebrates, and have a good week to the rest of you. - B


Been a minute. Life has gotten away from us. I've had a lot of deadlines recently, and there hasn't been much to report anyway. Daylight savings time wrecked my sleep schedule, and somehow that threw me off so completely. I'm still here though. Almost Thanksgiving - it will be good to get out of the city for a spell. - B


Happy Halloween! We've been so so busy but I don't want to neglect this space. I have so many art things happening, including prepping for a show and a zine. I feel so busy I can barely breathe. We're still managing to fit in movie and game nights here and there. Tonight we watched The Lost Boys (1987) which is truly the best vampire movie in existance. Bram Stoker would be proud. We also passed out candy with our neighbors and checked out their enviable decorations.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween. I'm sad it's over, as I am every year. It never feels like October is long enough. - B


What have I been doing? 1) working on the game 2) working on a series of paintings 3) wasting time by making shrines to video games I'm enjoying 4) watching a lot of How Do You Play? (the Korean variety show) 5) going for a lot of walks and bike rides. Now that we have an apartment with outdoor space, I've been feeling a lot more in-tune with the weather and the city, and I'm noticing much more clearly the shifts in seasonal temperature and rainfall, etc. It's nice - and fall is definitely here.

I hope anyone who's reading this has been doing well. Take care of yourself; you deserve it. - B


The sun is shining, the weather is warm autumn, and the call of the espresso is strong. I'm well along work on my 2nd game of the year. It'll be a murder mystery game but on the Gameboy, programmed in GB Studio. I've hit a few roadblocks along the way - the graphical limitations are intense, as are the limitations of both the Gameboy itself and the engine. In addition, I (as usual) way overblew the scope of the project and had to spend the past few days dialing things back. Namely, I had added in some mechanisms for player choice + friendship with each of the characters, but also limiting these choices by player skill - too many mechanisms to keep track of in too limited a system. I ended up scraping out player skill. Choice and friendship are enough.

I hope to have this game done by the end of October or mid-November! It would be good if I can even launch another super tiny mini game by the end of the year... but I'm always too ambitious and bad at scoping projects, so I doubt that will happen. I'm also enjoying painting again, and not putting this work on the internet (yet?). I don't love this cultural expectation of audience. So, good things are afoot. - B


The rain finally ended so I spent the day working outside. The weather is insanely good - incredible how it can go from terrible to the best weather we've had in months just overnight. We're going into soho to do some shopping and get lattes like just the worst, most stereotypical yuppies ever.

In other news I updated the link wall with everyone who's followed us on Neocities. You are all so incredibly talented, I can't believe it. I'm just in awe of the creativity in everyones' personal websites. - B


Rain forever.


Got the base of the website up. Worked til late so Rob ran some errands, then soup for dinner. Nothing special, but still excited. - B