movies watched 2022
Name Finished On
When Harry Met Sally January
The Devil Wears Prada February
Happy Death Day February
Song of the Sea March
The Hunger Games May
Super Mario Bros. May
The Lighthouse June
Persuasion July
Rope August
Last Night in Soho August
Crimson Peak September
Halloweentown September
Twilight September
Deep Red September
Psycho Goreman September
Only Lovers Left Alive October
Roll Bounce October
Come True October
Hocus Pocus 2 October
Oxygen October
Practical Magic October
Lost Boys October
Little Women (1994) November
games finished 2022
Name Finished On
Disco Elysium May
Inscryption June
Omori August
Garden Story September
Great Ace
Attorney Chronicles
Link's Awakening (Switch) October
Cult of the Lamb October
Beacon Pines November
fall 2022 bucket list
Decorate for Halloween
Trick or treat with friends
Carve Jack-o-lanterns
Get B's e-bike
winter 2023 bucket list
Plan terrace planter boxes
Seek warmth from winter's grasp
Find overhead light for kitchen
website plans
Sticker sheet
More articles
Finish all sections
R's 2022 interests
Interest Date
Photography September
Inbox zero October
B's 2022 interests
Interest Date
Interior design June
Painting September
Web 1.0 September
Anti-car and anti-parking advocacy October
How Do You Play? October
Fall fashion trends October
Intermittent Fasting November
Movies to watch
Name Release
Censor 2021
The Novice 2021
A Quiet Place 2018
Saint Maud 2021
The Night House 2021
Games to play
Strange Horticulture
Portal 2
Pony Island