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Quick note: We will generally link back any mutuals if you've got cool content, but we do try to avoid linking to minors or people who seem quite young, just out of concern for your own safety.

helpful resources

marginalia an independent, diy search engine that focuses on non-commercial content, and attempts to show you sites you perhaps weren't aware of in favor of the sort of sites you probably already knew existed.

scripted coding and resources to make your website way more fun

giphy pet add a pet to your website!

ishkur's guide to electronica music this was my #1 resource back in the day! super helpful to sound way smarter and more pretentious than anyone else you know

blinkies cafe make your own blinkies or view other people's blinkies to get inspired!

cool sites

winamp skin museum remember winamp? this website seeks to catalogue every winamp skin ever made. we were partial to the futuristic blue blobby ones.

windows 93 surrealist windows 95 clone with fun games and tons of ways to waste time. truly a perfect website

Anoles, Quails, and Maybe Cattails a naturalist website including quail keeping, cleaning skulls and bones, reptiles, and more