hi! I love art, cats and dogs (and all animals really), spooky things, and video games. I love quiet homes and tea and books but am energized by living in a big city. creativity and the hope for a better future keeps me going.


games fallout new vegas, rimworld, creatures 3, death stranding, bioshock

music electronica and chill beats, wolf alice, vnv nation, danger, portishead, low roar

hobbies art & painting, making video games, walking with my tiny dog & rob, reading, pretty home things, thrifting, nerdy stuff

food any and all soups, pasta, indian anything, sushi, strong flavors, savory over sweet


I love all the different ways that humans create and understand our marvelously big universe. I deeply enjoy poetry, astronomy, mythology, medicine, and the occasional existential dread that comes with living. Anything and everything that brings us together is fine by me!


games morrowind, old bioware games, legend of zelda, magic the gathering, dnd

music lady gaga, beatles, electropop, rihanna, epic rap battles of history, nine inch nails

hobbies cooking, poetry, video games, photography, long walks with becky, philosophy, camping, travel, physics

food experimental flavors, instant pot anything, mexican, umami, koshari, chocolate